Private Commissions

Pride and Prejudice (2016)

Playhouse Creatures (2017)

The 2016 BUSTCO (Deakin University) production of Jane Austen's iconic work, Pride and Prejudice, has thus far been one of my most unusual challenges. Mere days before opening night, I received a frantic message from a distraught university friend on the production team, saying that due to an unforeseen turn of events, the actors portraying Mrs. Bennet and the five Bennet sisters did not have any costumes in which to perform. With no budget, no time for fittings and three days to spare, I was called into urgent duty.

Using a basic dress block, I drafted a very loose "one size fits all" pattern, with pleats at the bust that could be quickly added upon or removed, to adjust to each performer.  They were completed with cameo pendants, gloves and satin belts which held the dresses into the iconic Empire silhouette.

With the help of two untrained but very willing assistants, we managed to get all six performers supplied with matching, yet individually customized ensembles. Though by no means my most finely crafted work, it was a wonderful crash-course in rapid mass production.

Problem solved, on with the show!