Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of work do you do?


As you can tell by many of the pieces in my Gallery, I specialize in historical costume. My particular area of expertise is European clothing from the late Dark Ages, though the Renaissance, Restoration, Rococo periods, up to our own epoch.
I also have a substantial understanding of the clothing of Oriental antiquity, as well as ancient classical modes.
However, I am interested in ALL aspects of costume, and always welcome a challenge.
In the past, I have worked in large-scale costume studios (Melbourne Polytechnic, The Australian Ballet) and feel this is the kind of environment in which I thrive. I am currently seeking full-time employment in a similar arrangement.

Do you do private orders?

In the past, I often undertook private orders from friends and acquaintances for formal dresses and cosplay outfits. This arrangement was mutually beneficial as it allowed me to test my skills and have my materials paid for, while my client got an outfit for their event. Unfortunately, I very rarely undertake private orders anymore. But sometimes, if time permits and if a piece looks particularly challenging, I can make an exception. Feel free to ask.

Do you make men's costumes as well?

Absolutely! I have had extensive experience in pattern making and construction for men's costumes, just the same as I have for women's.
But the majority of my costumes so far have been women's.
There are a couple of reasons for this; Firstly, in my experience in the theater, men's costumes tend to be rented and adapted from existing stock, while women's tend to be custom made. This is cheaper, easier and saves time, so there is less occasion to make men's costumes. Secondly, women's clothing tends to be more elaborate and complex in construction than men's. The female form lends a lot more creative liberty than the male, and allows more opportunity to test one's skills. That being said, the history of men's fashion is no less rich than that of women, and I am planning to expand my men's costume section this year.

My cat tore up my living room curtains. Can you fix them for me?

That's very sweet of you to ask, but no.


Harry Quinert