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Melding 18th Century French majesty with the metallics of our own epoque, this gown garners inspiration and its very name from legendary Versailles it-girl, Mme Yolande Martine Gabrielle de Polastron, Duchesse de Polignac.


Personal confidante of the infamous Queen Marie Antoinette of France, de Polignac was both revered and reviled for her spirit, insatiable lust for life and her glacial beauty. The "Polignac" gown is a contemporary confection, something the deposed duchess may have worn had the pomp and glory of the Bourbon dynasty lasted into our own century.

Note the armour-like construction of the overskirt, and abundance of bare flesh. The design, while mimicking the famous panniered silhouette of the 18th Century, relies on totally modern cutting and construction techniques.

The matte finish of the satin and powder-like bluish pastel colour also reflect our own current proclivities.

Supported internally by a candy-blue set of pocket hoops, with accessories by Lovisa. 

This garment is here seen modeled by Lesley Gabrielle Pianella.

The very first fully-original draped Harry Quinert pattern, this whimsical piece was a brief labor of love inspired by my adoration of this particular silhouette, and how it could be reinterpreted for our modern tastes.


18th Century
Inspired Gown


3 Piece gown with corset back - Duchesse Satin - September 2016